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Solar Energy

Realizing the growing need for renewable energy in today’s world along with the importance of providing a reliable and clean source to fulfill one of our main daily life needs, TEC-MERGE focuses on the construction of PV Solar Plants to produce emission-free electricity without causing environmental damage.
TEC-MERGE has an extensive experience in providing PV Solar Energy Solutions in power generation in diverse segments (Industrial, commercial, residential as well as national mega solar projects).

• Solar Powered Parks (Mega Projects)
• Solar Grid-Tied Systems
• Solar Off-Grid Systems
• Solar Water Heating
• Solar Pumping Systems
• Solar Lighting Systems

TEC-MERGE provides the design, procurement, installation, operation and maintenance for all kinds of Solar Energy projects.

Electro Mechanical

TEC-MERGE specializes in MEP contracting, offering clients a collaborative approach that is tailored to suit their needs, and ensure an affordable and timely completion of all the works in the Electromechanical Services & Systems Installations areas:

• Electrical Works
• Water and Sewage
• Firefighting Systems
• Elevators

General Contracting

TEC-MERGE has a complete model, design and site operations from taking over sites, traditional and piled foundation works, general construction to final completion and hand-over for occupation. TEC-MERGE specialized in modern construction designs and finishes, interior decoration, landscaping, infrastructure dealing with variety of segments: residential compounds, commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, industrial complexes, hotels, etc.

Monuments Restoration

While we may be best known for the new landmarks we've built, just as important to our success is our restoration and rehabilitation of monuments projects. Whether protecting a structure’s historic significance, integrating modern technology into an antiquated facility, or meticulously restoring a building’s fragile façade.
TEC-MERGE understands the careful planning, coordination, documentation and special attention to detail that is required to bring historic buildings back to their original magnificence.

Historic projects require a company that understands the complexities of existing buildings, is well-versed in the most current restoration techniques and technologies as Restoration and Rehabilitation of Historic Monuments and Buildings requires a special and unique process.